Friday, August 27, 2010

My Internet journey!

My internet journey started when I had to give up my nursing career due to a disability. This was a serious blow to my income & my life. $10,000 later (all borrowed), I finally started finding opportunities to really make money.

My experience with internet programs has left me VERY skeptical, especially I the want a lot of money. One of my favorite sites is ASN. Since I joined in January, I have received a check every month. I did not spend any money to get paid!

You get a your own website complete with full training videos, so you can make the most of your new business! The best part of your site is it’s free!

We are like a big family that helps each other & is there for one another! There are so many different ways to make money giving away free vacations, food, & gas.

Come visit our site so you can have monthly checks too!

Remember, as a token of our appreciation for your patronage, upon the completion of any purchase, completed application, even a simple FREE Quote... You receive...

$300 Gas Rebates Certificate, plus, $300 Grocery Certificate, plus, Luxury Vacation Certificate of your choice, including Hawaii, Jamaica, Mexico, 7 Day Cruises, etc...


  1. I have made money on this site too. When I first started it was confusing to me with all the different ways to make money. I finally decided to use the plan they outlined & it was a lot easier to follow!

  2. I totally agree with you.
    If you follow their plan
    it makes it a lot easier!