Save Money By Going Green!

With the economy the way it is, people out of work we all need to save money every chance we get. In this blog I am going to show you how we can save money & help the environment too!

What I’m taking about is going green. Our electric company has the option to use the wind generated power. Since we started on this plan, our electric bill is half of what it use to be. I would never thought it would make that much of a difference. As individuals we can not change the problem of global warming or greenhouse gasses, but if every one does their part we all can make a difference! Recycling your household garbage for instance helps keep the land fills from filling up so fast. Just like your old soda bottles, that are not biodegradable or your glass bottles. Recycling helps EVERYONE!

What if I can show you how to save money by going green, & help the environment. There are solar panels which can cut your electric bill way down. Then you also have wind generators. Now I know what your thinking, how expensive is that going to be. If you did a s search online for solar panels you can see how expensive they are. We are talking thousands of dollars. Wind generators are no different.

Now with this great book I just found you can now build your own solar panels at home for less than $200. It also shows you how to use wind energy by adding a home made wind turbine power generator for less than $130!

It comes with 4 manuals & 7 videos on how to do it! These are step by step instruction to build your own. The BEST part is you do not need a college education to understand it.

By taking the time to help our planet, we can leave our children a better place to raise theirs.

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